Atha Africa Ventures: Making Mining Useful for the Environment

17 March 17

We know mining does have an impact on the land it uses and we work hard to manage these impacts because coexistence between key industries in South Africa is the only way to ensure local communities continue to grow and prosper. Extraction of natural resources and emission of waste materials thereby leads to certain adverse effects on the environment. However, there are corporations that take mining and coal projects to a different level where strict adherence to legislations and extremely environment-friendly practices diminishes these negative impacts to the maximum possible extent. In the new emerging mining odels all over the world, the only way to respond to the current problems in mining is to change mining’s core business of extraction to the clustering of mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, using all the available resources, from land to energy and tailings dams.

In the NDP’s Vision 2030, it is highlighted that the mining sector’s contribution to development in South Africa has evolved beyond the historic sphere of “hard infrastructure” projects such as roads, schools and hospitals, and that there has been a coupling with “soft infrastructure” projects which include health, education, skills and economic development.

The Atha Group has a track recording of more than six decades, bent on sustainable environmental growth and management.  The Atha Group’s Responsibility to the Environment encompasses various aspects like resource use, GHG emissions, water and waste management, wildlife and biodiversity conservation, environmental management and renewable energy production. Atha Grouptake special care to ensure complete health and safety for the mine workers and everyone associated with the industry.

The social responsibility activities do not stay restricted to environmental management alone but extend beyond that to include black economic empowerment businesses. As such, the corporation has a procurement policy and works in collaboration with the Bashubile Trust, which is an organization involved in social upliftment initiatives. Alongside, efforts are taken to ensure availability of housing, services and jobs to the people of the so called backward towns and villages. Local economic development is ensured with the utmost focus being on job creation, poverty eradication, infrastructure development, agriculture and tourism to boost economic growth. The ultimate aim is to bring about favourable changes in the lifestyle of the people which goes a long way in improving the overall condition of the Nation as a whole. Three of the NDP’s priorities aimed at eliminating poverty and reducing inequality and unemployment by 2030 include increasing economic growth, investing in public infrastructure upgrades and investing in labour-intensive sectors.

Summary – Atha Group takes mining and coal projects to a different level where strict adherence to legislations and extremely environment-friendly practices diminishes the negative impacts of mining to the maximum possible extent. Everything that we do is in the interests of developing a thriving and more economically viable society.